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Your Own Studio 

Custom touches

Custom touches

Design your own

Design your own

Great window views

Great window views

Custom floor selection

Custom floor selection

Beautiful Spa Rooms

Beautiful Spa Rooms

Accent walls

Accent walls

If your paying weekly your paying to much!


Why you ask?


Year=12 months or 52 weeks


Paying monthly 


12 x 800=$9600.00/year


Paying weekly 


52 x 200=$10400.00/year


That is $800.00 more a year, $66.00 more a month, when you pay weekly.


Don't be fooled by the paying weekly gimic.

L'mage provides you with a blank slate to design your very own studio.  You will have everything you need to get started from day 1.



  • Design and build your own unique space we will help you as much as possible

  • Setup your stations the way you want we do not limit your imagination. 

  • Private and secure studios - Over-Sized Locking Doors

  • Setup your retail products to showcase and sell products of your choice

  • High-end Cabinets & Fixtures

  • Shampoo Station and cabinets provided

  • Styling Chair: Hydraulic chair provides superior client comfort

  • 24/7 secured access

  • All the equipment you need to start your business with minimum start-up costs

  • Studio finishes include ten to twelve foot ceilings with upscale flooring and a door window for optimum ambiance.


  • long-term leases to provide you with security and stability for your clients.

  • Don't get caught up in the weekly rate if your still building a clientel we have chair rentals to get you started

  • Lease rates that are affordable weekly rates cost you more. 

  • All utilities and overhead expenses are included in your lease payment (Phone excluded).

  • Carry any products for re-sale and determine and keep your mark-up.

  • Each studio provides all the equipment you need to launch your business with minimum start-up cost.


  • A luxurious ambiance in all of our locations.

  • Each L'mage is designed to be unique just like our studio owners.

  • Upscale interior appearance and seating areas, your clients will get the full salon experience.

  • Coffee Stations for your clients convieniece.



  • A break room with microwave, sink, seating and lockers.

  • On-site laundry FREE.

  • Signage for Salon.

  • A marquee directory listing. 

  • Listing and Links from our Web Site

  • After-hour security systems.

* Amenities in some locations can vary 

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